• Automotive engine oil Castrol Magnatec 5W-30 1l

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CASTROL Magnatec 5W-30 A3 / B4 German synthetic engine avtomasla universally suitable for gasoline and diesel engines. Castrol MAGNATEC DIESEL carries the latest special technology for diesel engines with unique molecules, which are attracted to the most loaded engine components, forming an additional protective layer in step progreva.Unikalnaya formula Castrol MAGNATEC protects the engine since start-up, greatly reducing its wear and ensure its flawless operation . Wear is prevented by molecules Castrol MAGNATEC, are used in new technologies Intelligent Molecules retained on the surface of the motor parts that are already damaged, while the bulk of the oil flows into poddon.Maslo provides excellent characteristics vyazkosnye thereby supports the engine power and injectivity, and fuel economy. In oil minimized adverse effects on exhaust gas purification system. Even in sub-zero temperatures of the engine start up is excellent German quality fails. Oil kastrolsamoe best in Ukraine among the oils of the same price category. If a foreign car, whether it is European, an Englishman, a German, an American, a better masladlya he did not find. Buy engine oil can be in our online store and arrange delivery in Kiev or request by sending Ukraine.My at any convenient time for you to bring your order and it will save you time. Our qualified managers will answer all your questions, if any still remain. And here you can pick out the accessories, automotive chemicals, filter or battery. specifications: API SL / CF ACEA A3 / B3, A3 / B4 BMW Longlife-01 MB-Approval 229.3 Renault RN 0700 / RN 0710 VW 502 00/505 00
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  • Масла
    Viscosity 5w30
    Type Of Oil synthetic
    The Volume Of Container 1l
    Tolerance BMW Longlife-01,VW 502.00,VW 505.00,MB 229.3
    Specification ACEA A3 / B3, ACEA A3 / B4, API SL, API CF

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    Automotive engine oil Castrol Magnatec 5W-30 1l

    • Brand: Castrol
    • Product Code: 212
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