• Automotive engine oil Pennasol Super Pace 5W-40 1L

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Pennasol oil produced at AVISTA OIL AG factory. It is well-known German oil refinery, which is represented by lubricants TM PENNASOL materials. The quality of products produced by the AVISTA OIL, confirmed by the international certificate of ISO9001, the products have passed comprehensive laboratory and sanitary-hygienic control, having received the appropriate certificate of compliance. In addition, AVISTA OIL has a personal research laboratories, which performed regular monitoring of the viscosity of the oil temperature and driving ispytaniya.PENNASOL German Super Pace 5W40 synthetic motor oil, which is intended to osnvovnom for passenger cars with diesel engines. Also, this oil is perfect and petrol engines, and without the turbine, and the turbine as well as exhaust gas recirculation, also for cars with catalytic converters .Ego possible to fill all the gas-cylinder cars. Not high viscosity grade provides low volatility avtomasla. This product is suitable for use in your car all year round. It is a long time does not require topping up or replacement due to its excellent quality. In addition, it has excellent detergent properties, which will help you get rid of old contamination and will prevent the emergence of new ones. Also, this oil model makers boast chic antioxidant characteristics. With this oil you will lead in any frost without problems. This is a very lucrative offer. At this price you get a lot of advantages of the German motor oil. It is possible to fill in all the gas-cylinder avtomobili.Kupit This engine oil can be in our online shop for the best prices. We are located in Kyiv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, as well as in the cities Buchach and Kryvoy Horn. In other cities we perform dispatch. specifications: API SL / CF ACEA A3 / B3, A3 / B4 VW-Norm 502 00, 505 00 Porsche MB 229.3 BMW Longlife-98 Opel GMLLB-025 Renault RN 700, RN 710
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  • Масла
    Viscosity 5w40
    Type Of Oil synthetic
    The Volume Of Container 1l
    Tolerance MB 229.3,VW 502.00,VW 505.00,BMW Longlife-98,Porsche A40,GM-LL-B-025
    Specification ACEA A3 / B3, API SL, API CF
    Иванов Борис 2021-01-20

    "Полностью синтетическое ""чисто"" немецкое масло моторное Pennasol Super Pace 5W40 я приобретаю для своего Рено Клио в интернет магазине ""АвтоАптека"" по очень приятной цене - 99 гривен за литр. Вообще мне очень нравится Pennasol."

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    Automotive engine oil Pennasol Super Pace 5W-40 1L

    • Brand: Pennasol
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