• Transmission oil GULF MULTI-VEHICLE ATF 246025GU02 4L

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Fluid for automatic transmissions designed for the advanced technology, meets or exceeds the requirements for automatic transmissions carmakers in Europe, North America and Asia, including Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association standard - JASO 1. It has excellent thermo-oxidative stability, wear protection and resistance to chemical degradation that provides increased transmission life. The improved properties of smoothness of switching, maximum torque, superior low temperature, anti-corrosion, anti-foam properties, frictional stability and protection against sticking fluid provides stability, better handling, maximizes the service life of aggregates. Suitable for use in transmissions of almost all the world's automakers, which minimizes the risks of improper use. The high viscosity index and shear stability for optimum lubricating properties during the entire lifetime as at high loads and at cold starte.Preimuschestva: - has excellent extreme pressure and antiwear svoystvami- differs excellent friction harakteristikami- has high resistance can okisleniyu- be used in a wide temperature diapazone- prevents otlozheniy- varnish compatible with the material uplotniteleyPrimenenie: Recommended for automatic transmission cars and commercial vehicles manufactured in the USA to meet the quality standard Chrysler ATF + 3/4, Dexron; III and MERCON; V. Recommended for cars and trucks of European and Asian production and other automakers.
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    Transmission oil GULF MULTI-VEHICLE ATF 246025GU02 4L

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