• Automotive engine oil Castrol Edge Titanium 5W-40 4L

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Castrol Edge 5W-40 synthetic motor Titanium German motor avtomasla, created at the new technology, which enhanced oil film (Fluid Strength Technology, FST) - this makes it possible to reduce the intensity of the friction parts of the engine to 40% .With the German oil Castrol you'll be sure that your engine is protected from wear and operating at full capacity, regardless of whether it is urban riding or walking along the road. Calculated this avtomasla for petrol and diesel (including turbo) cars. Avtomasla can operate over a wider temperature range as compared to conventional oils grade 5W-40 viscosity. Automotive engine oil increases efficiency (confirmed by independent izsledovaniyami). The product is excellently suppresses the formation of deposits, helping to improve the speed of the motor response to pressing the accelerator pedal.

The engine oil Castrol is the best on the market of Ukraine among the oils of the same price category. If a foreign car, whether it is European, an Englishman, a German or American, the best motor oil does not find it. Buy engine oil can be in our online store and arrange delivery in Kiev or request by sending Ukraine.My at any convenient time for you to bring your order and it will save you time. Our qualified managers will answer all your questions, if any still remain. And here you can pick out the accessories, automotive chemicals, filter or battery. Specifications: SAE 5W-40 ACEA C3 API SN / CF BMW Longlife-04 MB-Approval 229.31 VW 502 00/505 00

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    Viscosity 5w40
    Type Of Oil synthetic
    The Volume Of Container 4l
    Tolerance BMW Longlife-04,Fiat 9.55535-S2,Ford WSS-M2C917-A,MB 229.31,MB 229.51,Renault RN 0700,Renault RN 0710,VW 502.00,VW 505.00,VW 505.01
    Specification ACEA C3, API SN, API CF
    Степан 2021-01-22

    Оформлял заказ через интернет, но решил, что лучше сам приеду заберу и на месте посмотрю все ли нормально, есть ли сертификаты. Все отлично, все показали, теперь буду заказывать домой доставку.

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    Automotive engine oil Castrol Edge Titanium 5W-40 4L

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