• Automotive engine oil Liqui Moly Diesel Synthoil 5W-40 1927 5l

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LIquI MOLE - German company that produces and packs up their products in only one city of Ulm in Germany. Company name is derived from the words liquid and liqui moly Molid. LIQUI MOLY DIESEL SYNTHOIL 5W-40 synthetic motor oil for diesel engines of modern cars, which will go in various modes, including dynamic with fluctuations speed at ragged style of driving. Oil works well as at zero and sub-zero temperatures, there is no problem when you start the engine in the winter thanks to the excellent low temperature toughness. Even if to LIquI moth you use low-quality diesel fuel additives unique formula smooths out the negative effects of previous oil. The oil has a chic detergent properties, cleans the existing deposits and prevents new engine pollution. Oil consumption is quite low for a long time, it does not need topping up, and there is no need to change it often. On average, it has to be changed every 50,000 km. This motorboat perfectly established itself among car enthusiasts and professionals. And the company is very well known, and the oil is very famous. Winter run your diesel engine will be as light as the summer. Refill the oil is between replacements is not necessary. And even if you are in long-haul tractor filled thirty liters of oil, and drove up to the next zamenypyatdesyat thousand kilometers, the probe of the level fall into the middle between the minimum and maximum. This is a wonderful pokazatel.Kupit avtomasla this at a great price, you can in our online store without leaving from home, if you live in Kiev. Also we carry out the sending of the whole territory of Ukraine. For more information contact us by phone or any other type of communication, listed on the site. Conformity API CF ACEA B4-04 BMW Longlife-98, MB 229.3, VW 502 00, 505.00
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    Viscosity 5w40
    Type Of Oil synthetic
    The Volume Of Container 5l
    Tolerance VW 505.00,MB 229.3,BMW Longlife-98
    Specification ACEA B4, API CF

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    Automotive engine oil Liqui Moly Diesel Synthoil 5W-40 1927 5l

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