• Automotive engine oil XADO Atomic Oil Diesel 10W-40 60l

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XADO Atomic Oil10W-40CI-4 Diesel synthetic engine maslos prisadkamidlya dizelnyhmotorov.Posvoimharakteristikam exceeds the requirements of the highest American (API CI-4 Plus), European (ACEAB4 / E7) and international (Global DHD-1) standartovi specifications of the leading auto manufacturers (MB, VW, volvo, Mack). Dlyaizgotovleniya the product used very high quality base oil hydrocracking synthesis. Avtomasla can be used in passenger car, minibuses, low-power and heavy trucks, tractors and buses. Due to the loss of friction very efficiently saves fuel. This product is unique, it is used in all seasons, in mnogihdvigatelyah, among them: multivalve, turbocharged ipryamymvpryskom.Produkt guarantee decent zaschitnyesvoystva during run-in and the main periodzhizni motoraza the resource saving effect revitalizanta.Esche previously proved the superiority of this oil, in comparison with analogues as new engines, and the engines with a respectable mileage. If your dizelek tired, worked worked with congestion it fell compression or, more generally, from the exhaust emitted slurry oil vyhlonymi gases, or from a tube of ventilation crankcase slurry (ilikaplimaslaletyattoimennoeto engine oil svosstanavlivayuschim effect helps you to urgently go to him and give his car a second zhizn.Kupit avtomasla this engine can be in our online store, making a call to our menedzheru.Standarty and approvals: API CI-4 Plus, ACEA B4 / E7, Global DHD-1, MB, VW, Volvo, Mack.
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    Viscosity 10w40
    Type Of Oil semisynthetic
    The Volume Of Container 60l
    Tolerance MB 228.3,MB 229.1,VW 505.00,Skoda-Liaz 258-3,IVECO,MAN 3275,Renault RD,Renault RLD,Renault RLD-2,Volvo VDS-2,Volvo VDS-3
    Specification ACEA B3, B4 ACEA, API CI-4, API CF, API CH-4, API CG-4, API CF-4

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    Automotive engine oil XADO Atomic Oil Diesel 10W-40 60l

    • Brand: Xado
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