• Car battery GREEN POWER 6CT Az-190Ah 1250A (EN)

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Battery GREEN POWER 190A is designed for foreign and domestic vehicles. It has good vibration resistance and oxidation resistance, as well as the widest range of applications. Main features of GREEN POWER: improved durability by using high quality components and materials; Good porosity of the active mass, which increases the amount of effective charge-discharge cycles; doping lead-tin-calcium alloy to improve the corrosion resistance of the collectors; improved vibration resistance due to the central location of the tabs and the collectors special envelope type separator. Batteries with capacity 60Ah (+ right) are well suited for the Mercedes, Audi, Oppel and other Germans with gasoline engines with a displacement of 2.4 liters. Batteries with capacity 60Ah (+ left) suitable for Reno Megan Dacia Logan, Citroen with gasoline engines and turbodiesel 1.4-1.8 liters conditioned or displacement of the gasoline engine to 2.4 liters. Battery with a capacity of 110 Ah (+ right) will be excellent in Iveco Turbo Daily (Euro-2), Bogdan A-91, A-92. The battery 95 Ah (+ right) - for commercial lawn, ZIL, Citroen Jumper 2.5 D, and TD. A battery that has 78Ah (Euro polarity) can be put on dizelek displacement of for example 1.9 -2.3 Peugeot Partner, Citroen Burlingame. You can still continue the limitless range of modern cars, for which the GREEN POWER battery becomes a reasonable solution with a good price - performance ratio. Buy car battery GREEN POWER (which will suit the widest range of) possible in our online shop for the lowest prices. In addition to the batteries we have a wide selection of auto chemistry, oils and accessories.
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    Capacity 190
    Starting Current 1250
    Polarity side (plus left)
    Body Type Cargo
    Din-Type HD 51-22 (190 Din)
    Dimensions 513x223x195
    Voltage 12

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    Car battery GREEN POWER 6CT Az-190Ah 1250A (EN)

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